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If you're considering paying out big bucks to have someone build you a website, try out this site first. It was so much easier, less expensive, and took me much less time to build my site using the STBAW course.

- Jason, Entrepreneur

About the Course

StepsToBuildAWebsite is a completely free 10 day course that will teach you how to build and customize your very own website.

For 10 days, you’ll get a lesson each day that will make web design easily. We’ll guide you step by step and simplify the process.

The Professors


I’m Shane!

I start building poker websites out of my dorm room. I soon realized many local companies were struggling to build their online presence and websites, and I created 1stlabs to help build websites for small businesses. Since then, I’ve launched helpified and several other projects.

I’m Shruti!

I’ve built a successful million dollar ecommerce lifestyle business finding trending products and arbitraging them across markets. As a med school dropout, I’m self taught in web development, business, and basic programming. Too cheap to hire a programmer, I’ve built every site for every business and project I’ve worked on, and I know how hard learning how to build sites can be. I love helping others build and create awesome things, and I can’t wait to see the awesome things you build when you learn how to build a website!


The Syllabus

Day 1: Things to consider before building your site

Before diving into our lessons, we’ll run you through things you need to think about before building your site to figure out if a DIY website is the right solution for you

Day 2: Domains and hosting

How much exactly does it cost to build and run a website? How much time will it take from me? Where do I start? We go over all of this and get you started on your site.

Day 3: Site structure & planning

In the third lesson, you’ll learn how to create a mockup of your site. It’s important to have a clear vision of what you’ll be building before you build it to save time in the long run, and we’ll guide you through exactly what you need to have in mind.

Day 4: Playing with WordPress

You’ll get on your way and set up your website. You’ll also learn how to navigate the wordpress backend, and learn about the tools you have on hand.

Day 5: WordPress Themes

Learn how to make your site look professional, unique, and gorgeous with just a couple clicks.

Day 6: Creating pages

Fill in your site with your own awesome and unique content. You’ll learn how to create your own pages, add your content to them, and get them to look exactly like you want them to.

Day 7: Menus and Posts

It’s important that your site is clean and organized to make it easy for your users to navigate. We’ll show you how to set up your website so that its easy to navigate, as well as how to create posts to easily add and update content to your pages.

Day 8: Installing Plugins

Plugins are an awesome way to easily add capabilities and features to your site and backend without having to do much work. In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to find and harness the power of plugins.

Day 9: Developing Content

Now that your site is setup, we’ll go over some examples of sites with quality content, and how to create your own.

Day 10: Promoting your site

You probably are creating a website for others to look at. This is no easy task, but we’ll show you how to promote your website, get people looking at your site, and track to see how much traffic your website is getting.

Why learn web Development?

Free yourself from developers

Stop being so reliant on developers every time you need a quick fix or change to your website. Not only is it slower to have to ask your developer to change something for you, but developers are expensive. Save your money and time with our free course.

Build and Create

Interested in building websites but don’t have the money to pay a professional web developer and don’t want to use a cheap, tacky, generic free website builder? We’ll teach you how to make beautiful, professional looking, unique sites customized for your preferences. Using the same tools as some of the biggest websites on the net, you’ll soon be able to quickly put up your own website.

Quickly prototype new ideas

The most frustrating part about being a non-technical entrepreneur, internet marketer, or employee is not being able to rapidly test out new ideas. You’ll learn how to quickly build and advertise websites so that you can test your ideas and figure out what works before putting your money into it.