Learn How to Build a Website
7 days. 7 hours. Completely Free.

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About The Course

StepsToBuildAWebsite is a completely free 7 day course that will teach you how to build and customize your very own website.


For 1 week, you’ll get a lesson each day that will make web design easily. We’ll guide you step by step and simplify the process.

Why learn web Development?

Free yourself from developers

Stop being so reliant on developers every time you need a quick fix or change to your website. Not only is it slower to have to ask your developer to change something for you, but developers are expensive. Save your money and time with our free course.

Build and Create

Interested in building websites but don’t have the money to pay a professional web developer and dont want to use a cheap, tacky, generic free website builder? We’ll teach you how to make beautiful, professional looking, unique sites customized for your preferences. Using the same tools as companies like x, x, x, you’ll soon be able to quickly put up your own website.

Quickly prototype new ideas

The most frustrating part about being a non-technical entrepreneur, internet marketer, or employee is not being able to rapidly test out new ideas. You’ll learn how to quickly build and advertise websites so that you can test your ideas and figure out what works before putting your money into it.

The Syllabus